Overview: In an endeavor to popularize their new mobile platform, Microsoft is organizing what they call as Windows Phone Camps. As the name says, it is a camp – where in you will learn about the Opportunity that Windows Phone brings to you a developer or publisher of an application, the tool, and the marketplace.… Read More


Overview: In the endeavor to learn the best of the things in Windows Phone 7 development I have been looking out for resources ever since I started developing one. In this post I would like to point you all to an excellent post my one of my favorite technical blogger Scot Hanselman. Scot is a… Read More


Background: Lately I have been developing Windows Phone 7.5 application as part of the I Unlock Joy program. If you have followed development in Windows Phone 7 world, you will know that WP7.5 code named Mango now supports local database support for applications. So you can now develop application which have local DB support. The… Read More


On Nov 2, Bangalore was the host for one of the premiere events in the Mobile world for developers. The event  was known as MObile Developer Summit 2011 or MODS 2011 and was held at Indian Institute of Science campus. Being a Mobile summit, Microsoft  too was present at the event to showcase the Windows… Read More


On Saturday Nov 5, 2011 one of the local Engineering college – Bangalore Institute of Technology or BIT in short with their Department of  Information Science & Engineering department is conducting a half day event on "Microsoft Developer Platform" in association with Bangalore DotNet User Group. I will be presenting my session on "HTML5 &… Read More


By this time you would probably are aware of the new mobile platform from Microsoft. Yes i am talking about Windows Phone 7. Windows Phone 7 is the new mobile platform from Microsoft which is likely to compete with the Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platforms. For more information on Windows Phone 7 here is… Read More

HI there. I am back with another episode of Uncut & Unedited, In this episode, my guest is Chief Development Officer of Opera, Mr Christen Krogh. As usual, 10 minutes and 5 questions to him. Yes these question were not told to him before hand. But just at the time of the interview. So the… Read More

In the last post we saw the nomination for Niney Awards – Favorite Channel 9 Show (Video). Today we will see the nomination for “Favorite Cahnnel 9 Series (Video)”. The only difference between is a Show and Series is a Show is a long running program where as a Series is a one time show… Read More