On February 20, 2011 i will be giving my first presentation of the year. The event is known as “Microsoft Dreamspark Yatra 2011” to be held in Bangalore. I am glad to say that i have been asked to speak at this Microsoft event. Dreamspark is a programme from Microsoft aimed at University or High… Read More

On Oct 6 2010, ScottGu (I prefer to call him His Guness : ) ) announced BETA 2 release of WebMatrix. You can check the official release blog post here. You can read the beta 2 release readme here. I have been following WebMatrix lately. This is one of the blog post series on the… Read More

WebMatrix Beta 2 was released on Oct 06 2010. Many changes to how WebMatrix used to work in some areas from Beta 1 to Beta 2. Some changes went into to WebMatrix Helpers also. There are  4 new helpers that have been added to Helper family. They are : – Antiforgery – Bing – Json… Read More

This is a follow up post to my previous blog post “BDOTNET User Group Meeting–Sep 18”. I gave a talk on “Web Matrix” on Sep 18 as part of BDOTNET User Group meet. This time i had an audience of around 100. In this session i tried to explain the following: What is Web Matrix?… Read More

On July 6, “His Highness Gu” – well wondering who is this – none other than Scott Guthrie of Microsoft. I like to address him as “His Highness Gu” after going through Scott Hanselmans’ (Principal Program Manager, MS) this video. So on July 6 Scott blogged about a new tool that was released which is… Read More