About Kolkata Geeks: Kolkata Geeks is one of the newly formed Microsoft Technology User Group in Kolkata. Here is the official note from the founders on Kolkata Geeks: Kolkata Geeks is a premier user group for people from Kolkata and the neighbouring cities whose main focus is .NET technologies and who would like to know… Read More

Everybody would have heard about on demand video downloads isn’t it. Well if you don’t know what is the word “On Demand” means here id the wikipedia explanation for the same: Video on Demand (VOD) or Audio and Video On Demand (AVOD) are systems which allow users to select and watch/listen to video or audio… Read More

I recently did a interview with CSO of Telerik, Stephen Forte. The interview was for just 10 minutes and as i have blogged that was my first ever interview i have done and that too it was an international personality. The feeling after i edited & uploaded  the video to You Tube and publishing that… Read More

Anybody working on Microsoft Technology platform there is no ultimate award other than being inferred the coveted title popularly known as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. This year the south asia MVP community had arranged a awareness webcast hosted by our own Abhishek Kant on Jan 13. Here is the article which spoke about the webcast… Read More