Background: If you are following my blog then you would have read my previous post which was about me speaking at SQL Saturday #116 which was held at Bangalore. In this short post I will try to recap my experience of the day. Start of the day: The day started with me running late as… Read More


On Jan 7 2012, Bangalore will witness one of the finest International event. The event is known as “SQL Saturday” or also known as “PASS SQL Saturday”. PASS stands for Professional Association for SQL Server. Here is the official statement of what PASS SQL Saturdays are all about: PASS SQLSaturdays are free 1-day training events… Read More


Hello there. I am back with one more episode of Uncut & Unedited. This is episode number 12 and I am more excited about this episode than any other episodes so far. I have with me as guests – yes guests – have 2 guests this time as opposed to 1 guest so far. I… Read More

I am back with another episode of Uncut & Unedited. In this episode my guest is Mr. Pinal Dave. Pinal is a SQL Server Evangelist in Microsoft. I have been trying to set up a time to interview with Pinal from last couple of weeks. Nothing had materialized so far. But last Sunday i was… Read More