GIDS stands for Great Indian Developer Summit. This time GIDS is being held in Bangalore on 17 Apr to 20 Apr 2012. If you want to know what is GIDS, here is the official statement: GIDS is the gold standard for India’s software developer ecosystem for gaining exposure to and evaluating new projects, tools, services,… Read More


Overview: In my endeavor to explore Open Data Protocol – I have been writing a blog series titled Tool Spotlight. In these series I try to take a tool which supports OData and play around with the tool. Today we will be checking out one such tool. The tool is known as “PowerPivot for Excel… Read More


OData Tool Spotlight is a series in which I try to explore tools which make it easy to work with OData Service and feeds. You can read my previous articles on this series in my blog. Here is the previous article links: OData Tool Spotlight – Sesame Data Browser OData Tool Spotlight – LINQPad In… Read More


About Kolkata Geeks: Kolkata Geeks is one of the newly formed Microsoft Technology User Group in Kolkata. Here is the official note from the founders on Kolkata Geeks: Kolkata Geeks is a premier user group for people from Kolkata and the neighbouring cities whose main focus is .NET technologies and who would like to know… Read More


In my endeavor to figure out the ecology of Open Data Protocol or OData, recently I started a series which I have termed it as "OData Tool Spotlight". So my first spotlight was on "LINQ Pad". You can read about that here: OData Tool Spotlight – LINQ Pad. In this article, we will look into… Read More

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Chris Woodruff, a Microsoft MVP in Data Platform Development has decided to write 1 blog post each day in December on OData. That means 31 days and 31 blog posts on OData. Here is his latest blog post where he makes this announcement: According to his blog post, here is what he will be… Read More


Recently somebody in my friend circle asked me how do I keep up with the latest and greatest technology updates. My answer was free stuff from many greats in the industry. They were surprised when I said free stuff. So I thought let me take a example and explain it here. So in this article… Read More


Starting from today I will try to review some of the tools that work well with the Open Data Protocol. Idea is to bring out the goodness these tools provide to work with OData or Open Data Protocol. So if you are also interested in knowing the tools sit back and read on :). Today… Read More

Have you ever wondered about the following questions: What areas of interest does Microsoft invest in for Research ? Who are the people at Microsoft Research ? What publications do Microsoft Researchers publish ? How do Microsoft Researchers Collaborate ? What projects are currently going on in Microsoft Research ? Where can you find latest… Read More