Today we will be looking in to another category in the Niney Awards. Todays category is “Favorite Twitter User”. From my perspective this is a very interesting category for any award nomination. This shows how much impact the micro blogging phenomenon Twitter has impacted us. A category for a favorite twitter user really shows the… Read More

In my past 2 posts we have seen the nominations for Favorite Channel 9 Series (Video) and Favorite Channel 9 Show (Video). Today we will look into another category for the niney awards – Favorite Community Show (Video). This one is for the show hosted by the community members outside of Channel 9. So in… Read More

In the last post we saw the nomination for Niney Awards – Favorite Channel 9 Show (Video). Today we will see the nomination for “Favorite Cahnnel 9 Series (Video)”. The only difference between is a Show and Series is a Show is a long running program where as a Series is a one time show… Read More

As mentioned in my previous post Microsoft has come out with first of its kind – award for the community from the community – known as “2010 Niney Awards”. Go through my previous post for more information. Today lets look at the first category which is “Favourite Channel 9 Show (Video)”. In the category there… Read More

  Microsoft has a lot of ecology built up around the developer community. One such community portal from Microsoft is known as “Channel 9”. If you have never heard of Channel 9, stop reading this post, open another tab and browse to the site So you may ask what is Channel 9. Here is… Read More