As a user of Microsoft .NET platform have you ever had the following questions coming to your mind: If only i could contact Microsoft for resolving an issue If only i could reach a subject matter expert within Microsoft If only i knew whom to contact in Microsoft for a specific issue resolution If only… Read More

In my last post i talked about a contest currently running for the tech event “Microsoft tech.ed India 2011” – BLOGATHON. This is being promoted by MSDN India and Technet India. Today in this post i will be talking about another contest as part of the tech.ed India 2011. The content is known as “TWEETATHON”.… Read More

Hi, i am back with another post today. By this time everybody will be aware of “Microsoft tech.ed India 2011”. This year it will be held from Mar 23-25 in our own Bengalooru, the silicon valley of India. I have been 75% sponsored from my company. So i will be there. In this post i… Read More

I am back again with a blog post. This time I am writing this post for entering myself into a contest run by MSDN India known as “Microsoft tech.ed India 2011 BLOGATHON”. The blogathon has 4 topics to choose from. I have chosen the topic – “My favotite memory from one of the Tech.Ed I… Read More