Overview: In this post we will look at a new service launched by Microsoft. We all are aware of Microsoft Forums – one of the go to places for asking questions and getting an answer for our question. There are many forums like MSDN Forum – for anything related to development & developers, Technet Forum… Read More


As a user of Microsoft .NET platform have you ever had the following questions coming to your mind: If only i could contact Microsoft for resolving an issue If only i could reach a subject matter expert within Microsoft If only i knew whom to contact in Microsoft for a specific issue resolution If only… Read More

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As mentioned in my previous post Microsoft has come out with first of its kind – award for the community from the community – known as “2010 Niney Awards”. Go through my previous post for more information. Today lets look at the first category which is “Favourite Channel 9 Show (Video)”. In the category there… Read More