As mentioned in my previous post Microsoft has come out with first of its kind – award for the community from the community – known as “2010 Niney Awards”. Go through my previous post for more information. Today lets look at the first category which is “Favourite Channel 9 Show (Video)”. In the category there… Read More

You have heard about “Community TechDays (CTD)” – a premiere event from Microsoft. If not well this is what Microsoft says about CTD – Dive deep into the world of Microsoft technologies at the Community TechDays and get trained on the latest from Microsoft. Build real connections with Microsoft experts and community members, and gain… Read More

Anybody working on Microsoft Technology platform there is no ultimate award other than being inferred the coveted title popularly known as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional. This year the south asia MVP community had arranged a awareness webcast hosted by our own Abhishek Kant on Jan 13. Here is the article which spoke about the webcast… Read More