This is the 3 post of the 3 part series on my TechEd experience. If you haven’t read the first 2 posts, here is the link for the same: Microsoft TechEd India 2011 – My TechPerience – Day 1 Microsoft TechEd India 2011 – My TechPerience – Day 2 In this post I will going… Read More

Its been a week that the premiere event from Microsoft, TechEd – the most awaited event of the year, got over. I have been lazy enough to pen down my experience of the event so far. Believe me when I say this – the after effects of this years TechEd has been so much that… Read More

Recently i was going through an article on SQL Azure. I was just trying to get to know SQL Azure. One of the topics i was going through was that of Security. One interesting thing that caught my mind was – 3 links which talk about the following: 1. Suggestions for creating strong passwords and… Read More

In my last post i talked about a contest currently running for the tech event “Microsoft tech.ed India 2011” – BLOGATHON. This is being promoted by MSDN India and Technet India. Today in this post i will be talking about another contest as part of the tech.ed India 2011. The content is known as “TWEETATHON”.… Read More

Hi, i am back with another post today. By this time everybody will be aware of “Microsoft tech.ed India 2011”. This year it will be held from Mar 23-25 in our own Bengalooru, the silicon valley of India. I have been 75% sponsored from my company. So i will be there. In this post i… Read More

I am glad to write that the much awaited year of the year for me is here. Yes, we finally have a date for the Community TechEd 2011, hosted by Bangalore DotNet User Group (BDotNet). Book your calendars for Mar 5 and Mar 6, 2011 – a weekend which will be filled with technology in… Read More

On February 20, 2011 i will be giving my first presentation of the year. The event is known as “Microsoft Dreamspark Yatra 2011” to be held in Bangalore. I am glad to say that i have been asked to speak at this Microsoft event. Dreamspark is a programme from Microsoft aimed at University or High… Read More

I am back with another episode of Uncut & Unedited. In this episode my guest is Mr. Pinal Dave. Pinal is a SQL Server Evangelist in Microsoft. I have been trying to set up a time to interview with Pinal from last couple of weeks. Nothing had materialized so far. But last Sunday i was… Read More

In the last post we saw the nomination for Niney Awards – Favorite Channel 9 Show (Video). Today we will see the nomination for “Favorite Cahnnel 9 Series (Video)”. The only difference between is a Show and Series is a Show is a long running program where as a Series is a one time show… Read More