Microsoft MVP or Most Valuable Professional is a title that is given out by Microsoft identifying a persons contribution to the community. MVP title is purely based on your efforts in the community – be it community speaking or articles that you might have written. There is no exam or what so ever that you… Read More

TechEd on the Road was a series of technical road show that was organised by the respective User Group communities and Microsoft. This event was focussed towards bringing the same set of speakers and sessions from the premiere event TechEd that was recently held in Bangalore. The TechEd on the Road Bangalore edition was arranged… Read More

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you all to one of the premiere events that Microsoft and Bangalore Dot Net User Group www.BDotNet.in are hosting on July 10 2011 in Bangalore. If you remember Microsoft premiere event “TechEd” was held in the month of March in Bangalore itself. But the TechEd is a paid… Read More

I am back with another episode of Uncut & Unedited. This is the 8th episode of the show. This time i have my guest as Ninaada Bellipaddy. He is a Microsoft Student Partner a.k.a MSP. He is in his final year of  Bachelor of Engineering in Bangalore. He specialization in bachelors is Computer Science. I… Read More


ASP.NET MVC is the new offering on the Web Application development stack of Microsoft .NET platform. According to the official site here is what ASP.NET MVC is all about: ASP.NET MVC gives you a powerful, patterns-based way to build dynamic websites that enables a clean separation of concerns and that gives you full control over… Read More


Was your first reaction – how can i be on the Cloud?. Well fair enough for anybody to get that feeling. No i am not talking about you physically climbing a cloud . Rather the term Cloud here is the new buzz word in the IT arena also known as “Cloud Computing”. Hope that sets… Read More

Marlabs, an award-winning provider of innovative software services and BPO services is conducting an Educational Conference on Microsoft Technologies in Mysore this weekend. This conference is mainly for the benefit and advantage of students and entry level developers to get a sneak peek on the emerging technologies on Microsoft platform. This conference is also supported… Read More

If the title of this post made you to think, well that’s a good sign for the remainder of this article. You might be wondering – is their really a principles of REST. To break the suspense, no i am not talking about laying back and enjoying your free time kind of rest. But i… Read More

On Apr 16 2011 we conducted a UG meet at BDotNet. This time the event was held at Microsoft building, Embassy Golf Links, Bengaluru. As the usual format goes we had 3 speakers this time. We had: Sudhir Rawat – from Microsoft who talked about Denali, the next version of SQL Server from Microsoft. Myself… Read More