Recently somebody in my friend circle asked me how do I keep up with the latest and greatest technology updates. My answer was free stuff from many greats in the industry. They were surprised when I said free stuff. So I thought let me take a example and explain it here. So in this article… Read More

DataJS, which is the JavaScript library for data centric web application from Microsoft released a major version – V1 on Jun 29 2011. Kudos to DataJS team to have achieved this great moment. One notable change in DataJS codeplex site is the documentation. The help topics have been streamlined and now boast a rich set… Read More


Recently i had released a project by name Netflix Catalog using HTML + ODATA + DATAJS + JQUERY. I had a request from a reader asking for a CRUD example using DataJS. This post is about a demo application for performing Create, Read, Update and Delete on a OData service all by just using the… Read More


I am delighted to share the information that i have released my first ever project on CodePlex. Yes i have released a small application to the community which can be used as a reference application to play around some of the buzzing technology like OData and frameworks like Jquery and DataJS. So read on to… Read More