Background: In my last post “HTML5 Input Types Support in ASP.NET WebForm”, we looked at the HTML5 input types support from the ASP.NET WebForm TextBox control. One of the other cool features of HTML5 specification for a input controls is the placeholder attribute. Currently there is no support for placeholders in ASP.NET Webform TextBox control.… Read More


Background: HTML5 is the talk of the town. Everyone is talking about HTML5 everywhere. One of the cool features of HTML5 is the introduction of new input types for forms. These new input types allow better input control and validation. ASP.NET 4.5 which was released in Aug 2012 did have enhancements with respect to the… Read More


On Saturday Nov 5, 2011 one of the local Engineering college – Bangalore Institute of Technology or BIT in short with their Department of  Information Science & Engineering department is conducting a half day event on "Microsoft Developer Platform" in association with Bangalore DotNet User Group. I will be presenting my session on "HTML5 &… Read More

TechEd on the Road was a series of technical road show that was organised by the respective User Group communities and Microsoft. This event was focussed towards bringing the same set of speakers and sessions from the premiere event TechEd that was recently held in Bangalore. The TechEd on the Road Bangalore edition was arranged… Read More

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you all to one of the premiere events that Microsoft and Bangalore Dot Net User Group are hosting on July 10 2011 in Bangalore. If you remember Microsoft premiere event “TechEd” was held in the month of March in Bangalore itself. But the TechEd is a paid… Read More