On Oct 6 2010, ScottGu (I prefer to call him His Guness : ) ) announced BETA 2 release of WebMatrix. You can check the official release blog post here. You can read the beta 2 release readme here. I have been following WebMatrix lately. This is one of the blog post series on the… Read More

WebMatrix Beta 2 was released on Oct 06 2010. Many changes to how WebMatrix used to work in some areas from Beta 1 to Beta 2. Some changes went into to WebMatrix Helpers also. There are  4 new helpers that have been added to Helper family. They are : – Antiforgery – Bing – Json… Read More

On Saturday, October 9 2010 – Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India is going to witness one of the great technical events. Especially i have been yearning to be in this event. Well wondering what it is. Here it goes. BDOTNET – Bangalore Dot Net User Group is conducting what we call as DevCon 2010… Read More

This is a follow up post to my previous blog post “BDOTNET User Group Meeting–Sep 18”. I gave a talk on “Web Matrix” on Sep 18 as part of BDOTNET User Group meet. This time i had an audience of around 100. In this session i tried to explain the following: What is Web Matrix?… Read More

Its been a while that i wrote an entry in my blog. Actually didn’t had anything to rant or well may be lazy to rant out. Now i do have some news so let me pen those down. BDotNet which is one of the India’s largest and most active Microsoft User Group is having a… Read More

Today, it is official that twitter has released its own tweetbutton. Till now it used to be third party links that provided the tweet option. With the release of the tweetbutton now everybody will start grabbing the link and provide it on their sites. So lets have a look at how to use the tweetbutton… Read More

This weekend Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore or Bengaluru is witnessing a technology filled 2 days. Yes the Community Tech Days – “Behold the power of Technology” – is being held in Bengaluru on Aug 7/8 2010. If you are new to Microsoft world and wondering what is Community Tech Days – well here… Read More

Today i am going to talk about “How to upgrade a Trial version of Office 2010 Professional Plus to a full licensed version”. I had downloaded and installed the trial version of Office 2010. Couple of days back i got my MSDN subscription. So now i have the full version license keys to play around… Read More

I had to post this sooner than this date but was caught up with the day job. When i heard the news i just couldn’t believe it myself. Wondering what i am blabbing about well read on. There are couple of blogs i follow regularly in the .NET world. One such blog is from a… Read More

On July 6, “His Highness Gu” – well wondering who is this – none other than Scott Guthrie of Microsoft. I like to address him as “His Highness Gu” after going through Scott Hanselmans’ (Principal Program Manager, MS) this video. So on July 6 Scott blogged about a new tool that was released which is… Read More