Recently i had released a project by name Netflix Catalog using HTML + ODATA + DATAJS + JQUERY. I had a request from a reader asking for a CRUD example using DataJS. This post is about a demo application for performing Create, Read, Update and Delete on a OData service all by just using the… Read More

I have been hooked on to REST lately. No i am not taking a rest as in a break but i am talking about the architectural pattern called REST i.e. Representation State Transfer in Service Oriented Applications. If you have been following my posts then you know that i have started to concentrate on REST… Read More

If the title of this post made you to think, well that’s a good sign for the remainder of this article. You might be wondering – is their really a principles of REST. To break the suspense, no i am not talking about laying back and enjoying your free time kind of rest. But i… Read More

Recently I have started reading a self paced training kit titled – “Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 – Windows Communication Foundation” authored by Bruce Johnson, Peter Madziak, Sara Morgan. This is a Microsoft Press publications. I had purchased this book last year but never did I look into it. Lately I have been flipping through the… Read More