Visual Studio 2013

Build 2013 is happening now and Visual Studio 2013 preview has been released. I am pretty sure if you are reading this may be you have downloaded the preview bits and installed it on your system. Were you asked to sign into your live account when you started the Visual Studio 2013 for the very… Read More

In my last post i wrote about a new Visual Studio Extension Template which i had developed for jump starting WCF REST Service based development targeting Visual Web Developer 2010 Express edition. I did receive a 4 star rating from 1 reviewer and he said “Great Work”. That really pumped me up and then wanted… Read More

In my endeavour to get on to the band wagon of RESTful service development with WCF, i came across a scenario which compelled me to cook up something for that. Read on as i narrate my experience in creating my first Visual Studio Extension. Visual Studio Extension are, as the name goes, features which extend… Read More