Azure Cosmos DB is the NoSQL offering on the Microsoft’s cloud namely Azure. I have been thinking about taking a plunge in to working with this database for a while. If you have never experience Cosmos DB – i highly encourage you to head over to its product page here You can try Cosmos… Read More


On Nov 1, IBM announced availability of a new platform. The new platform is known as “IBM Cloud Private”. According to IBM, Cloud Private allows enterprises to design, develop, deploy and manage on-premises, containerized cloud applications which are behind their firewall. In this blog post, let’s try to understand IBM Cloud Private in detail. Public… Read More

In this blogpost, we will take a look at how to run one of my favorite technologies namely ASP.NET Core on IBM Bluemix cloud. The New ASP.NET Core: ASP.NET Core is a brand new Server Side technology for building web apps that has been written from scratch by Microsoft. It is cross platform solution which… Read More


In this blog post I will be taking a lap around IBM Watson’s Vision API. IBM Watson is a set of services provided to you under SaaS model i.e. Software as a Service. The IBM Watson services are readily available to you to consume in your applications. All the services provide under IBM Watson can… Read More


While exploring IBM Bluemix, I came across a service called OpenWhisk. OpenWhisk is service on Bluemix cloud platform which provides what is known as “Serverless” computing for your applications. Serverless as a word and technology is becoming interesting & one of the hottest trends in the cloud world. OpenWhisk is pretty much like the offering… Read More

If Cloud was a term you were getting used to in the world of Information Technology, there is another jargon which has created a buzz lately. Cognitive Computing or Cognitive Services is the buzz that you hear everywhere. In this blog post I take a dive in to the world of Cognitive Computing using IBM… Read More