Azure DevOps Project for Web App for Containers

In my previous blog post, i took a lap around Azure DevOps Project for ASP.NET Core. In this blog post we take a look at how Azure DevOps Project can be used for container-based Web Application. For the sake of demo, the web app will be based on ASP.NET Core technology. Below is a video… Read More

This year was a great year for me in terms of doing new things. Packt publishing approached me to create a video course on ECMAScript 2015. Since ECMAScript is evolving year on year we decided that it was good to create 2 parts to this course. I am glad to announce that yesterday my second… Read More

Azure DevOps Project

Couple of days ago Microsoft introduced a new cool service  offering on their cloud – Azure. Its known as Azure DevOps Project. In this blog post we will take a lap around how to get started with this service. The official announcement of the service is here – Some of the points that i… Read More