Good Morning. As i write this post, i am literally packing my bags. Thought a lot of about what should be the title of this post but a friend of mine casually asked me “Good Luck for your Life 2.0”. And i thought actually its Life 3.0 and that should be the title of this post. Thanks to that friend.

Life 1.0:

Well this was 39 years ago when i was born. I consider my 1.0 to be from my birth to my graduation. Well that’s typically what everybody goes through

Life 2.0:

This is the initial struggle i had right after graduation. I am a Production Engineer by education and i come from the royal city of Mysore. Way back in 2001 i still remember how i was working without pay for 3 months in a local firm. When some of us decided to move on, the firm fixed our salary at Rs.2000 per month which didn’t cover even the petrol of my Hero Puch. Moved to Bangalore in 2003, did night shift for 6 months and finally in 2004 Feb got my break in AztecSoft – which by the way is no more as Mindtree acquired it. Thanks to my mentor Aurobindo Nanda (now with Happiest Minds) for being such a wonderful manager one can think of during my days there. Went to onsite – Torrance, LA – in 2008 and worked on some interesting products till 2010. I came back to India in 2010 and became active with local user group. Thanks to Bangalore DotNet User Group or BDotNet as we are popularly called i started speaking & presenting in UG meets and events. Thanks to folks like Vinod Kumar, Vic Parmar, Kashinath, Dr. Pavanaja, Nish Anil and many more community members who inspired me to be active in the tech community. In 2011 Microsoft recognized me with the title of Most Valuable Professional or MVP. In 2012 i got what i consider as my dream job. I took up the role of Technical Evangelist for Telerik in India. Having seen up close my evangelist friends at Microsoft, it was an aspiration to be one and thanks to Telerik i was able to fulfill that. It was my community activities which helped to become Evangelist for Telerik. It was Stephen Forte the then Chief Strategy Officer for Telerik who believed that i can be good Evangelist for Telerik. Thanks Steve for that opportunity. I had a super cool, chill out boss – Abhishek Kant. Last 5 years have been the best years in my professional career and thanks to Abhishek for that. Life 2.0 couldn’t have been better.

Life 3.0:

Telerik was taken over by Progress Software sometime around 2016. In January of 2017, they decided to close the Sales office in India. Although i was a Technical Evangelist, i did roll up to Sales org. As a result, we were let go as of January 2017. I was asked to stay on till March 15 to help Progress with transition. So Mar 15 was my last day at my dream Job. Evangelism is a all together different ball game. Not many companies in India get what is Evangelism. During one of my interviews for Evangelist position at another company, i was asked “Can you increase sales by 10X?”. I knew then that getting back to Evangelism will be tough. An Evangelist is a person who sings the tune he likes i.e. he is a passionate soul about a particular product or platform or whatever  he is evangelizing. Evangelist needs to have passion & energy and that passion & energy will be seen clearly when you speak to him. As they say – all good things comes to end – i believe its my turn now.

Gave a lot of thought and  finally decided to get back to Development. As of Jun 1 i am now an employee of a bank called “Van Lanschot”. We are one of the leading Wealth Bankers in Netherlands. And the workplace is in Amsterdam. That means i will be moving to Netherlands Smile. As i write this post i am packing my bags for the travel tonight. Every end leads to a new start they say and i believe that its a new start for me now.

The last 7 years have been one of the best times in my life. Professionally & personally was able to achieve what i wanted. BDotNet is very dear to me and it was a great platform for a geek like me. Thanks to BDotNet i found that i have a flair for talking. Over the last 7 years, thanks to BDotNet i have done numerous presentations and i have spoken in conferences like jsFOO, MODS, GIDS and Microsoft TechED India. Thanks to BDotNet i have got friends in Microsoft India now. Some of the folks i would like to mention here are Sandeep Alur, Aditi Reele, Deepak Rajendran, Nish Anil, Abhishek Narain, Biplab Paul, Balmukund Lakhani and many more who have always had a helping hand.  Thanks to my work at Telerik, i was able to provide more time towards BDotNet.  As one of the leads, i was able to organize the UG meets, get speakers, book the venue and run the show day by day. Its a mixed to miss this wonderful platform. We have some excellent community folks like Swaminathan Vetri, Mohit Chhabra, Anubhav Ranjan, Rahul Sahay, Vidyasagar – to name a few and many more – who i am sure will keep the light shining.

It will be wrong on my part if i did not mention my wife Rashmi. Thanks to her unconditional support for my community activities without which i couldn’t have done what i have done over last 7 years.

On this note – i thank each one of you who have helped to be where i am today. Community has played a huge part in my life and will continue to do so. Its all about networking & connect. You never know when they come in to play in your life but you need to have them.

I am looking forward to my new release in life – Life 3.0.

Till next time – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.

  • Naveen Pete

    Hi Lohith, Congratulations! All the best for Life 3.0!!

  • All the best buddy.. Wish you great days ahead..Lots of achievements to come..

  • You will be missed sir! Anyways Best of luck for future assignments! Hope you will enjoy!

  • We are surely going to miss you in open day. Best of Luck for future assignment.

  • Sandeep Telang

    We are going to miss you in BDOTNET.. Wish you all the BEST for Life 3.0
    Looking forward more technical blogs/posts from you. Thanks for all your good technical sessions!

  • Hi Lohith, Best Wishes for Life 3.0 :)

  • Arunkumar Kumaresan

    Wish you all the best, Lohith. Keep rocking as always!

  • Asutosha Sarangi

    Wish you all the best . Miss you in Bdotnet

  • SandeepReddy Ch

    Wish you all the best ,Lohith sir, You are inspirational to everyone in the personal life and Tech world.
    we miss you in the Bdotnet group.

  • Murugan Andezuthu Dharmaratnam

    With you all the best Lohit :).

  • Gaurav Kumar Arora

    Hey Lohith,
    Congratulations and best of luck for your future endeavors, its a journey and we have to walk till we can. Keep it up mate. Hope, we’ll meet some day.

  • Congrats Lohit… A vary rare active professional I have ever meet… All the best …

  • Naresh Kumar HK

    Congrats Lohit .. :) ..
    All the very best in all the endeavors.

  • pavann

    Missing your talks Lohith. : Wish your 4.0 starts in India with a start-up :)
    All the best for your 3.0 stunt sir… Kudos to your contribution to the community… Learned a lot from you for 4-5 years on BDotNet forum..