On March 25th 2017, Global Integration Bootcamp was conducted across the globe. I was privileged to be part of this global movement as a Speaker here in Bangalore, India.

If you are wondering what is Global Integration Bootcamp – do head over to https://www.globalintegrationbootcamp.com. Basically GIB is an event driven local user groups/communities across the globe where we talk about Microsoft’s Integration story and this event is backed by Microsoft.

As part of this years GIB, i presented a session titled “Automated Workflows between Apps & Services using Microsoft Flow”. Microsoft Flow is a Workflow automation service available for free from Microsoft. In this session i spoke about what, why and how of Microsoft Flow. Did some cool demos where i showcased how to automate saving attachments to onedrive from an email, how to create a Approval workflow using SharePoint List + Flow without writing any code. Also showcased the integration between Microsoft Flow and PowerBI – created a temperature dashboard and twitter sentiment analysis within minutes and best part was without writing any code.

Here is the slide deck of my talk:

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Till next time – Happy Coding.