With the release of Visual Studio 2013, Microsoft changed the way we used to create ASP.NET Applications. Gone are the days where we used to have loads of options just to create a web application. With VS2013 when you want to create a new web application you get only one choice and that’s of ASP.NET Web Application.


Next dialog gives you option to add what features of Web Application you want in your app. Now Web Forms, MVC, Web API are treated as a feature of web application template which can be added to a single web application.


As you can see I can start off with a Web Forms application and also add MVC template/feature to the same application.

Once you have made your choices and have told Visual Studio to create the project, VS will go ahead and spin up the new project for you. One of the interesting thing for me in Visual Studio 2013 Web project creation is a Project Readme that gets created. Lets take a closer look at the project read me file.

Whatever templates you have selected for your ASP.NET project, you will see a Project_Readme.html created in the root of the project. And the same file will be opened for you inside Visual Studio in a browser:


You will see 4 sections in the readme. They are:

  • Application Content – gives you the following information about your site:
    • Pages that are created by default
    • Theming information
    • Authentication information
    • Features are applied using NuGet packages.
  • Customizing App – gives you information and links about how to go about customizing your app with various things. The links are all MSDN links and you can go through one by one and decide what you want to do. The contents of this section vary depend on what template you have selected. For Web Forms this section will list the customization topics related to Web Forms, for MVC this will list the customization topics related to MVC and same with the case of Web API
  • Deployment – gives you information on deployment readiness and options of deployment
  • Getting Help – Points you to ASP.NET Forums/Support for getting help.

As you can see a very neat and nice feature of VS2013 which welcomes you to your project. I love this feature and I am gonna give a smiley to the ASP.NET team :). Do take a moment to go through this neat little feature in VS2013 and let the team know if you liked it.

This was a short post and I just wanted to share my joy of creating new projects in VS2013.

Till next time – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.