First of all, here’s wishing you and your family a very Happy & Prosperous New Year.


2013 was a great year for me and hoping 2014 will usher in more things my way in terms of challenges and opportunities. Just wanted to do a quick recap of how 2013 went by in my life.

Feb 2013 – MVP Global Summit:

MVP Global Summit is a conference that Microsoft conducts every year where MVP’s from all over the world assemble at Seattle and its an awesome 4 days of sheer technology. We as MVPs get to meet the folks who build the technology we work every day. I was fortunate enough this time to attend the Summit for the first time in 2013 and it was mind blowing. I got to sit through ASP.NET teams meeting where they showed us what we now call “One ASP.NET” and witnessed how the product team is serious about what the community thinks on how things should be shaped up. I got to meet Scot Guthrie, Scot Hanselman, John Papa and many icons from the industry. I was with an awesome gang of 11 India MVPs. Here are some of my highlights from the summit:


Couldn’t have asked for a better opening to 2013.

Mar 2013 – TechEd India:

This time in the TechEd it was an exceptional moment for my community. I am part of Bangalore DotNet User Group (BDotNet) and I have been with them for close to 3 years now. Apart from BDotNet we have Bangalore IT Pro (BITPro), SQL Bangalore and PowerShell Bangalore User Group (PSBUG). During TechEd 2013 Microsoft provided us a booth and we were asked to be the spred the word about the local community group to the attendees. It was a great moment for us. We had a wonderful time explaining the community activities, where we meet and what we do. we had so many people sign up after this and our community base just grew like anything.


Best part of the TechEd from a community perspective was – Aaron Skonnard, CEO of Pluralsight came to our booth and took a photo with us i.e. the BDotNet community members and praised us for the work we do. That was definitely one of the finest moment for me as a member of this community. Thanks to one and all  who support our community and hope you will continue to do so in the coming years too.

Apr 2013 – Global Windows Azure Boot Camp:

GWAB or Global Windows Azure Boot camp was a meet up which was planned worldwide on Apr 27 by all Microsoft MVPs around the world. Idea was to conduct a Azure boot camp same day across the globe. We had around 100+ locations which were part of this historic event. We here at BDotNet didn’t want to miss the chance. So we jumped on the band wagon and we conducted a day long boot camp which was targeted at level 100 i.e. the beginner level for Azure. We had local MVPs joining us as speakers and it was a great event.


Sep 2013 – TechCon:

For the first time all four user groups i.e. BDotNet, BITPro, SQL Bangalore and PSBUG decided to conduct a technology conference under one roof. Thus we did what we called as TECHCON or Technology Conference 2013 on Sep 21. Microsoft provided us the venue and we had 3 tracks, 15 speakers and 15 sessions in one single day. It was great to see the support from the attendees who made it to the event and our halls were running full.


Oct 2013 – MVP Renewal

Ever since I became MVP in Oct 2011, 1st October is becoming a nervous day. That’s the day I get to know if my MVP award is renewed or not.  So this year too i.e. Oct 1st 2013, I received the email from Microsoft that my blogging, speaking and community activities have been again recognized and my MVP award has been renewed. This is my 3rd year as MVP and I am glad to be part of this elite group of individuals. I take this opportunity to again thank BDotNet for providing me the platform to be close to community and to all those of you who have been a great support to me. Hope you continue to support me and cooperate with me in all my endeavors. Thank you again.


Nov 2013 – Meeting S. Somasegar, CVP Developer Division, Microsoft

On Nov 20 2013, Microsoft India had planned a gran Visual Studio 2013 launch in India. The chief guest was none other than Mr. S. Somasegar who is the Corporate Vice President for Developer division at Microsoft. Somasegar was in Bangalore to officially launch the availability of VS2013. To my surprise Microsoft had decided to felicitate myself, Vic Parmar, Senthil Kumar and Karthikeyan Anbarasan for our outstanding contribution to Microsoft Develper Community in Bangalore. This came as a surprise to all of us as we never dreamt of such a thing. All of us are doing the community work out of our sheer passion to technology and community. W take time off from our personal life to keep the community moving forward. This recognition was is now a great motivator to do even more to the community. I personally thank each and everyone associated with BDotNet without whom the community wouldn’t have been there and I wouldn’t have been a community person. So once again thank you very much to all associated with BDotNet. Probably the day I will cherish most in my lifetime is Nov 20 2013. As you all know Visual Studio 2013 was globally released in the month of Nov 2013 when I received the award from Somasegar himself.


2013 was really a roller coaster ride for me. I enjoy being a community person and I try to find time for any community activity. I am always there for the technical communities we have in Bangalore. We want to scale new heights and we want to take our communities to the next level. Thanks to the following folks who have always supported me and have extended unconditional cooperation with the community activities – Vic Parmar, Vinod Kumar, Kamlesh Rao, Senthil Kumar, Karthikeyan Anbarasan, Balmukund Lakhani, Chaitra Nagaraj, Anil Mahadev, Shantanu Chandra, Amar Nithyananda, Manas and many more of you.

Community is my Passion:

I take this moment to clarify a very disturbing statement that was made against me in the social world. My association with BDotNet and other communities is not a personal motive. I haven’t associated myself with the community to get a MVP award or gain personal favors from Microsoft. I am associated with the community as I am passionate about the technology I live and breathe with from last 12 years. I am passionate about meeting people, I am passionate about speaking and I am passionate about helping others find a direction. BdotNet is such an open community that there is no leader. Thanks to my employer Telerik, I get a little extra time than any of you and I make use of that extra time to coordinate things in BDotNet. A lot of organization goes into pulling off a User Group Meet or a day long event. You need to identify speakers, you need to identify the venue, you need to coordinate with our friends at Microsoft to book the venue, you need volunteers for any event – so there is a lot of coordination that goes into this and we all coordinate well and run the show. It also takes a lot of personal sacrifice too. My wife and son are very understanding that they let me go on a Saturday and spend the entire day with the community. If anybody is up for these challenges we will gladly pass on the baton to them and take a back seat. So if you are think you are up for it – please get in touch with us.

Enough of the rant Smile. Don’t want to spoil the new year mood. Lets welcome the new year with positivity and I intend to do more for the community in any way I can in 2014.

Happy New Year to you and your family.

Till next time – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.