Hi there. I am back with another episode of Uncut & Unedited. This is episode 33. Its been quite a while I posted an interview. My day job is keeping me busy and I just couldn’t find time to post an episode.

This episode, my guest is Mr. Rick Strahl. Rick is a Microsoft MVP and a very well known person in Microsoft .NET Technology arena. I caught up with Rick during MVP Summit held in Feb 2013 @ Bellevue, Seattle. He was a busy man and in spite of the jam packed schedule we had during the summit, he did manage to give me 10 minutes.


I had a great time interviewing Rick. I asked following questions to him:

  • About Rick and his background
  • His perspective on changes in web world
  • His views on ASP.NET WebForms Vs ASP.NET MVC
  • His perspectives on HTML5 or No HTML5
  • His tips for wannabe web developers

Here is the video of the interview:

Rick Strahl–Uncut & Unedited

Hope you like the video. Do let me know if you have any feedback or comments.

Till next time – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.