Every year Bangalore sees a unique and an exciting summit for developers. It is known as Great Indian Developer Summit and is a 4 day event with each day catering to a very specific genres of developments. This year too GIDS was held in Bangalore on May 7 to May 10. Day 1 being known as GIDS.EDGE, Day 2 was known as GIDS.NET, Day 3 was known as GIDS.WEB and the last day was known as GIDS.JAVA.


This year too I was fortunate enough to get on the speakers list and presented 2 talks. Here are the two talks I presented:

Talk 1: Building HTML5 Web Apps:


This was a 30 minute presentation. Within 30 minutes I wanted to show case the new age application design which are slowly getting popular. One such application design is known as SPA or Single Page Applications. The idea is to have just one single html page and compose it with different screen. The screen are nothing but different UI of the app and are created as a Script Template and at run time you switch the templates there by giving a notion of navigation. I based this talk on Kendo UI Web framework which has a very simple and easy way to create a SPA. It has the concept of Router, View and Layout. my goal was to develop a simple SPA based on Northwind in under 20 minutes. Thanks to JustCode – a code refactoring tool from Telerik – which has a feature of Code Templates, helped to achieve this goal in 20 minutes. I had scripted the demo using the code templates feature and different portions of the code was created as a template with a short cut to that piece. I rehearsed the demo like anything and was able to pull it off on the D day. Thanks to JustCode.

Here is the slide deck from the talk:

Talk 2: Build Service for Any Clients using Web API


This talk was a 60 minute presentation. As the title of the session says this talk was all about understanding the basics of Web API. This was a level 100 talk as to what is web API, why Web API and how to work with Web API. Created a sample Web API and showed how we can communicate with the Web API service using just Fiddler. With Web API your service can reach to a wider audience because its completely based on Http layer and almost all clients on this world understand Http. So this makes an ideal candidate for scenarios where you need to create a service which has to cater to wide range of clients/platforms.

Here is the slide deck from the talk:

If you had attended my talk and you have some feedback/comments, do let me know through this post. The feedback/comment will surely help me to become a better speaker/presenter.

I had a loads of techno fun this year at GIDS 2013. Hope you folks too had the same fun going through loads of sessions. I wish GIDS calls me back for next year too. I will be crossing my fingers till then.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.