Back again with one more episode of Uncut & Unedited. This is episode number 30. I have a very interesting guest on this episode. He is none other than Gaurav Kapur – Multi Media Mercenary and Bollywood personality. If you are a hard core cricket fan I am pretty sure you wont be missing the Indian Premiere League 2013 that is happening and Gaurav Kapur is one of the anchors – on the field and inside the studio. He was in Bangalore during Windows 8 launch event by Microsoft during Oct 2012. I was fortunate enough to grab him and get his 10 minutes out of the busy schedule he had.

Gaurav Kapur

Gaurav Kapur

Being a Bollywood personality, he showed a lot of knowledge on Windows 8. So I just couldn’t let him go and decided to interview him and get his view on Windows 8. You will be amazed to hear him talk technicalities of Windows 8. He shares his experience on his usage of Windows 8 OS. Here are some of the questions I asked to him:

  • Who is Gaurav Kapur ?
  • Is Gaurav Kapur a tech savvy person ?
  • His favorite Gadgets
  • His experience with Windows 8
  • One feature he likes the most in Windows 8
  • His experience with touch devices

Here is the video of the interview;

Gaurav Kapur–Bollywood Personality–Uncut & Unedited

I had a great time shooting this interview. Gaurav Kapur is really a tech savvy and fun person to talk to. Hope you too will enjoy this episode. Do let me know your feedback if any.

Till next time – Happy Coding.