On Mar 30, BDotNet i.e. Bangalore DotNet User Group conducted a UG Meet. This UG meet focus was on .NET Frameowrk 4.5. We had ASP.NET MVP Chaitra Nagaraj present the first session on “.NET 4.5 in a NutSheel”. Chaitra took the audience for a whirlwind tour of 4.5. She covered pretty much everything .NET 4.5 release had in 1 hour.

I spoke in this UG Meet on ASp.NET WebForms. Many think that Microsoft is focusing more on ASP.NET MVC and has forgotten the WebForms technology. But that’s not the case. Microsoft is investing heavily on one of the mature and stable toolset namely WebForms. This is evident from the loads of new feature added to WebForms in 4.5 release. So my session was Part 1 of many more sessions to come. In this first session I gave a glimpse of whats new in WebForms and focused on 3 major things available in the release. They are:

  • Strongly Typed Data Binding Expressions
  • Model Binding
  • Value Providers in Model Binding.

The slide decks from the session are available on SlideShare. Here is the slide deck embedded in this post:


Also, I was supposed to record the presentation for folks who couldn’t attend the session. It was first time I was recording using Camtasia. I did not see that audio was not getting captured as the setting was set to do not record. So I had video but no audio. Later I decided to re record the whole session I gave as a screen cast. Below is the screen cast video hosted on my vimeo channel.

ASp.NET WebForms 4.5 – New Shiny Things – Part 1 from Lohith on Vimeo.

ASp.NET WebForms 4.5 – New Shiny Things – Part 1

I have started a series on new things in WebForms. So keep looking out for my blog.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.