First of all, if you are reading this – I wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year 2013.


Looking back at the year 2012, it has been a great year especially for me. Below are some of the highlights from my timeline

Feb – Telerik Insiders Meet:

As many of you know, I was selected as one of the Telerik Insiders from India in 2011. In Feb 2012 Telerik conducted a fantastic event called “Telerik Insiders Meet” in Orlando Florida. I got to meet the faces behind the Telerik Community Initiatives – Emily Hall and Holly Bertonicini and not to miss out all other Insiders from across the globe that were there. I was there for 2 days and had a great networking with many folks. A surprise was in store for us when Emily & Holly said that we were going to Kennedy Space Centre after that meet. One of the best moments of the year for sure:

Mar – Microsoft Tech Ed 2012

The memoirs of Tech Ed 2011 were still so fresh that we were still basking in that and we already were at Microsoft TechEd 2012. In Mar 2011 when the TechEd happened I was not an MVP but the networking and the time spent with the MVP was so memorable. This time I was officially an MVP and was looking forward to meet all the MVPs from India. Though we didn’t had any set agenda for MVPs this time – but our lounge talks were great as usual. Now looking forward to TechEd 2013. This time it was special because I was judged as one of the best tweeter of TechEd 2012. It was great to get up on the stage and receive the gift from none other than the General Manager Mr. Moorthy Uppaluri.

Apr – Great Indian Developer Summit:

Who doesn’t know GIDS or Great Indian Developer Summit. Well 2012 certainly a great year in terms of my professional speaking career. Telerik was one of the sponsors for GIDS 2012 and Abhishek Kant the country head of Telerik calls me up and says – since you are an Insider and available in Bangalore, want you to speak at GIDS 2012. I was overjoyed by the opportunity and jumped on it. I had tried for Microsoft Tech Ed 2012 but in vain. So this was a welcome break for me to be at a prestigious stage. I spoke about “Accessing Any Data Any Where” – basically about Open Data Protocol. I had the best of the time at GIDS 2012.


Jul – I am a Teleriker:

During TechEd I met up with my friend Mr. Stephen Forte and Abhishek Kant country head Telerik India. They were exploring opportunities for Evangelists in India. I have known Stephen for close to 2 years now and Abhishek also close to 2 years. I was looking out for change and I always enjoyed interactions be it public speaking or customer engagements. But from being a hardcore developer I was looking at a complete shift in my career. We had lengthy discussions and I remember Stephen trying to make sure that I know what I am getting in to. I was overwhelmed by the concern shown by both Stephen and Abhishek to make sure that I was comfortable in stepping into the new shoes. So on Jul 1, I was  officially a full time employee of Telerik India. One the best moments of my life and career. I am now a Developer Evangelist and take care of the Evangelism of Telerik suites for South India. As I write this post its exactly Six months that I have been into this new role and I am lovin it :).


Oct – MVP Renewal:

The much awaited date for me is always Oct 1. Because that’s the day my MVP status gets renewed. I was fortunate enough to get my MVP status renewed for my efforts to the community from Oct 2011 to Oct 2012. I have a long list of people to thank for my MVP renewal. First and foremost my Wife. She understands my passion for technology and community and supports me with what I do. Without her I don’t think I will be able to spend so much time for the community. Next a big thanks to all the members/admins of Bangalore DotNet User Group. Without this community I don’t think I would have reached the place where I am today. Last but not the least thanks to Tanmay Kapoor from the South Asia MVP Award program group for constantly keeping in touch with us and guiding us in terms of the formalities. Overall thanks to one and all and hope to renew my MVP title in 2013 too.


Over the year I have written only close to 30 blog posts or so. The new year resolution is to start writing more. I was concentrating more on Open Data Protocol. Now I will be spreading my horizon and concentrate more on ASP.NET as a platform. There has been tremendous pace in the ASP.NET technology that Microsoft has been doing I feel like I kind of left behind on the big picture. So you will start seeing me writing more on the ASP.NET technology as whole.

I am a community man i.e. I am from the community, for the community and will be with the community. So once again as I end a year and look forward to future, thank you to one and all with whom I have had interactions for your friendship, support and cooperation.

Till next time, Happy Coding – Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.

  • Thanks Lohith..You are a superb community man. I love your presence in every event. Have a great year ahead !!

    • thanks praveen … you are a great community member too :) keep up the good work

  • You are a real community hero and we have no doubt on this. Its nice to be with you in most of the event last year , learning while enjoying.