This is episode number 26 of Uncut & Unedited and I have with me Mr. Govind Kanshi from Microsoft. Govind Kanshi is the Technical Director for Microsoft Technology Center, Microsoft India, Bangalore.


I have known Govind for close 2 years now. I came across Govind through a common friend Vinod Kumar (@vinodk_sql). Ever since then I have been bumping into Govind for one or the other reasons. I have enjoyed speaking to him all the time. So I thought its time we get him on Uncut & Unedited. I was fortunate enough to get his time. Inspite of his busy schedule he gave me 10 minutes for the interview.

I ask Govind the following questions:

  • About Govind and his background
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Govind
  • MTC India Team
  • A day as Technical director of MTC
  • A common problem people face
  • His view on BigData

Here is the video of the interview:

Govind Kanshi–Technical Director, Microsoft Technology Center, Microsoft India

Hope you like it. Do listen and let me know if you have any feedback.

Till next time – Happy Coding.

  • Govind

    Thanks Lohith. Will catch up soon