On Jun 8 2012 I resigned my previous job where I was working in the capacity of Senior Specilaist, Microsoft .NET technology. I joined that position in Feb 2010 and so I completed 2+ years in that position. As a Senior Specialist I did what I loved the most – code :). Yes I didn’t get into People management rather I was doin Technology management. I was part of a multi millior dollar Enterprise project, working in Agile environment and did finish many sprints.

But somewhere down the line of 2 years I started to feel stagnated on the technology front. The architecture I was working was a 3 year old architecture and pretty much most of the stuff was code generation. So I felt I didn’t had much wings to fly around and so started to feel a technology block. When you start feelin stagnated its hard for oneself to concentrate on the job and so was with me. Had to make a choice. So I resigned and as with all Indian companies I had to serve 2 months of notice period. Jun 8 2012 was my last day in my previous organization. Had made some good friend circle and was a mixed feeling at the farewell. But life has to move on.

So next question, from Jun 8 to Jul 2 what I did – what else can I do – a much needed break in my life. My next employer was generous enough to tell me “Take couple of weeks off”. And so I did. Spent 3 weeks at home enjoying hot food and sipping coffee with my lovely wife and my son. After 11 years in the industry this was the best break I have ever had. Enjoyed every moment of this 3 weeks and felt if life could have been this easier. Wild wish isnt it. Well all good things come to an end and so does my break. My vacation ended on Jul 1. And I have to start a new day now. Jul 2 marks my new beginning, new start in my career.

Oh, you are still wondering where am I going. Good question. Read on.

Many of you would have guessed it by now and to somehow of you I had personally told it. This all began somewhere in Feb 2012. I was looking for a change and I was doing my homework on what should be my next stop. I started talking to my peers in the community about this. That’s when I contacted my dearest friend Mr. Abhishek Kant. He had left Microsoft in later part of 2011 and had joined a very new company in India and he was the country head. So we started conversing on opportunities within this company. I felt good about the way Abhishek painted the perspectives of a career in that company and the kind of role I might get. Things started rolling from then onwards. Then during the TechEd 2012 which was held in Banglore during March time frame I had the chance to meet the Chief Strategy Officer Mr. Stephen Forte, who by the way is my first guest of “Uncut & Unedited” podcast and a very good friend of mine too now. We had a long interview and he wanted to make sure what am I getting into and do I know the water. One of the best interviews and tough interviews to crack for me.

I was glad that both Abhishek and Stephen felt that I had what it takes to take up the new role in the new company. So decide to take the opportunity and jump into the new water. But oh wait you are asking what is the company name again. Well I thought I had named the company. No…. Hang on a moment :).

Folks, I am happy to say that I am joining Telerik India as “Technical Evangelist” for South India. In layman terms I will be doing Technical Evangelism for Telerik in enterprise segments but the official title is “Senior Customer Advocate”. I am probably employee number 2 right after Abhishek Kant, the country head for Telerik India. My roles and responsibilities include what I have always loved to do – presentation & speaking. Yes I will be handling the technical side of customer interaction while Abhishek handles the business side of it. Plus I will be the goto man for anybody in South India for any support or help in terms of our Telerik Suite of controls.


I will be working based out of Bangalore right from my home. So I have to start preparing for my home office. That’s was another decisive factor for picking up this opportunity. I will get to spend a little more time with family now.

I take this moment to thank Abhishek Kant, Stephen Forte, Emily Hall. These three have been a great help in understanding the Telerik culture. And now I am glad to say that I am a Teleriker.

WP_000105My blogs and my community activities will continue as before. I am thankful to Telerik for having continue to do what I love to do i.e. spread the knowledge in the community. On the other side you will start to hear lot about Telerik from me :).

So it’s a new day, new start and a new beginning to me. Hope you will have the same support and co-operation goin forward as it has been till this time.

As usual, till next time – Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.

  • Praveen Prajapati

    Nice Post.  Wish you a very pleasant and wonderful journey with Telerik ! Have a rocking career ahead !!

  • Hearty congratulations Lohith! Very deserving! :-) 

  • Congratulations!! You are well deserved.

  • Congrats Sir….:)

  • pinaldave


    Congratulations for this new beginning. Quite often from your dedication to the technology, many thought you are already Teleriker – well nobody has to change the perception as you are Teleriker. 

    Good luck and best wishes! 

  • soma

    congrats lohith… all the best…

  • Naveen


    Congratulations. Wish you all the very best to you.


  • Congratulations, all the very best !

  • Sahal

    Congrats Lohit sir

  • Good Luck, enjoy setting up your Home Office

  • Tejaswy Mathad

    Congratulations Lohith…!! That’s a great news…!!

    I have always been very pleased by Telerik components.. have used them quite a bit… even browsed their site for jobs at one point…. hope to join you soon….!!! Just let me know..

    • Thanks Tej… will surely let you know if there is anythng on the career side here :)

  • Nilesh Gule

    Heartiest Congratulations Lohith. I remember the days or in fact nights as I should say in Netgalactic when we used to work on the same project during the night shift. It is heartening to see the kind of progress you have made over the years. Really feel proud of your achievements and I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best in your endeavour. Truly speaking you are a role model for many other who would like to follow a similar career path as yours. I am sure you’ll inspire many other in the coming days with your excellent community work. Keep up the excellent work and keep raising the bar for others.

    • Hey Nilesh. Thanks buddy. Nobody knows this but those 5 months of night shift i did at NetGalactic was dreadful :). happy for you too man … from those days to where you are now its achievement for you too :)

  • Pradeepkv

    Congrats, and i am actually missing your brainstrom session, and lot of discussion @ sungard