Kerala Microsoft User Group or KMUG as it is popularly known is hosting a Developer Conference in Trivandrum TechnoPark on May 19. It gives me great pleasure to say that I have been invited to be one among the speakers list. I have been asked to present a session in this DevCon. I am very excited to be part of this event. I have been expressing my willingness to speak at KMUG events for quite some time now and finally am getting a chance to speak at KMUG.

I will be presenting a session titled “ Access Any Data Any Where”. This is the same topic I had presented at GIDS 2012. Plan is to introduce techies here in Kerala to a whole new data exchange protocol – OData. Within 45 minutes will try to cover the basics of OData to producing OData to Consuming OData. Here is a sneak peek at the slide deck cover for the talk.


To know more about the event head over to

Here is the session details of the event:


Looking forward to meet new people and do the networking. Thanks to KMUG organizers for providing me with an opportunity to speak at this event.

If you are attending this event, come and say hello to me.

Till next time – Happy Coding, Code With Passion, Decode with Patience.