March 21 to 23 Bangalore witnessed one of the biggest and most awaited Technical Conference of the year. I call it a conference because it was a insane list of sessions all three days hour by hour. I did had the opportunity to visit TechEd 2012 this time too. Had a blast with sessions, networking and many more things. Well this post is not a recap of TechEd 2012 rather about ReLiving the TechEd 2012.


Bangalore Dot Net (BDotNet) & Bangalore IT Pro (BITPro) are pleased to present 2 of the best sessions from TechEd 2012 as part of the User Group meet. Yes you heard it right – 2 of the best sessions which was literally sold out in terms of space i.e. house full in TechEd – will be presented by the same Author in our UG meet. The presenter is none other than our very own Vinod Kumar – Technology Specialist, Microsoft India.

imageWe are very thank full to Vinod Kumar who has accepted to present two of his best session from TechEd 2012 back to back for the community. We were just chatting and many of us said we couldn’t see his sessions in the TechEd because of the house full scenario and would love to listen to it again. And he immediately proposed a combined UG meet by BDotNet & BITPro and he will do his 2 sessions back to back. So thanks to Vinod for this.

Here are the session details:



This is a community event and anybody can walk in. But would request you to please register at this Facebook event page – so that we get to know how many heads are attending the session.

Here is the venue details:

Microsoft Corporation, Krishna Hall, Embassy Building, 3rd Floor, Domlur.

Not to forget the goodies – we have goodie bags from Telerik & 5 one month subscription to Pluralsight worth $29.

I will be there for sure. What about you? If you are coming, do say an Hi. See you at 10:30 AM.

Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.