HI there. I am back with one more episode of Unuct & Unedited. This is episode number 20. And my guest for this how is Todd Anglin. Todd is Vice President of HTML5 Web And Mobile division of Telerik.


I was fortunate to have met Todd at Telerik Insiders meet held in January at Orlando, Florida. In spite of his busy schedule we had during the meet, he promised me his 10 minutes for my show and we finally made this interview. This interview was shot on January 28. Todd is responsible for all things happening on HTML5, Web and Mobile developments within Telerik. He did release beta version of Kendo UI – a new library for developing HTML5/CSS3/Javascript based application. Do check out this product from Telerik. It seems to be fantastic.

I ask Todd the following question as part of the interview:

– About his Roles & Reposnibilities at Telerik
– About Kendo UI – new product line for HTML5 & Javascript space
– About Kendo UI Licensing
– About different form factors getting mainstream
– About Kendo UI’s differentiating factor
– A day in the life of VP

Here is the interview video:

Todd Anglin–HTML5 Web & Mobile VP, Telerik–Uncut & Unedited

Hope you enjoy the show.

Till next time, as usual – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.