I am back with one more episode of Uncut & Unedited. This is episode number 19. My guest for this week is Holly Bertoncini. Holly works as Community Relationship Manager at Telerik.

In episode number 18 we spoke to Emily Hall from Telerik. Emily also works in the capacity of Community Relationship Manager at Telerik. Holly shares some of Emily’s responsibilities when it comes to Community things within Telerik. Emily & Holly form a great tag team when it comes to organizing things. I was witness to their great skills when I attended the Insiders Meet in Orlando Florida. Great arrangements of things, every minute details was worked out. What impressed me most was their idea of giving out scribbling pads which were literally each page having the agenda details and speaker details of the summit. Had great time interacting with Emily Holly.


Holly take care of the Telerik MVP program. She is responsible for all things that go into making the Telerik MVP program a success. I ask her the following things in the interview:

  • Her Roles & Responsibilities at Telerik
  • About Telerik MVP program
  • About one becoming Telerik MVP
  • Benefits/Advantages of being Telerik MVP
  • A day in the Role of Community Relationship Manager

Here is the interview with Holly:

Holly Bertoncini–Community Manager, Telerik–Uncut & Unedited


I had a great time interacting with Holly. Before meeting her face to face it was only email communication that we had for close to a year. Finally met her in person because of the Telerik Insiders meet. I take this moment to thank Holly and Emily for making my participation in the Insiders meet a memorable one.

Go through the interview and enjoy the show.

As usual, Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.