Microsoft .NET is a platform which was introduced in the year 2002 and today i.e. in 2012 it has seen a decade of existence. .NET as platform can be used to develop Windows Based Applications with Win Forms/WPF as technologies, Web Based Application with ASP.NET Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Pages, Silverlight and SOA Based applications with WCF. With so many options available for developing applications using .NET as a platform one profound question everybody faces is – Which technology to invest in and Why?

Telerik along with its leadership council has done an excellent job by releasing a guidance which they call it as “Platform Guidance For Microsoft .NET”. Through this guidance they try to help the decision makers what is the best .NET Technology to use for specific software requirements.

Guidance Chart:

Here is a look at the Guidance Chart that Telerik has come up with:

Telerik's Platform Guide
to Microsoft .NET

Here is the link to the Guidance: http://www.telerik.com/platformguidance.aspx

Application Scenarios Covered:

  • Line of Business Application
  • Dashboard/Reporting
  • Custom Windows Applications
  • Data-Driven Website
  • Interactive Web Application (Forms Over Data)
  • Mobile Website

Go through the guidance article to understand the technology suggested and its pros/cons. Hope some of the doubts that you may have in decision making may be solved. It sure did resolve some of my own doubts in choosing a technology.

People Behind Platform Guidance:








Platform Guidance for Microsoft .NET – is a excellent asset once should have at their finger tips. This not only suggests the technology to be used but also highlights the pros/cons about the technology suggested under a particular scenario. If you a person who needs to make a decision which involves investing on a technology for a project this should be on your desks. Do go through the guidance article and hope it helps you too like it did to me personally.

Till next time, as usual – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.