If you are following my blog then you would have read my previous post which was about me speaking at SQL Saturday #116 which was held at Bangalore. In this short post I will try to recap my experience of the day.

Start of the day:

The day started with me running late as usual and had frantic calls from Vinod & Pinal asking about my whereabouts at 10:00AM as I hadn’t reached the Venue yet. Finally made it to the venue by 10:15 AM. I was glad to see the familiar faces of Manas & Kamlesh at the front desk who helped me to get through the registration process quickly and I dashed off to the 4 floor where the track 1 was going to be held.


Session 1:

Since I was the first speaker of the day, Pinal started introducing about me and I am thankful to him for his kind words. He thinks that I am a good presenter and although he doesn’t sit through any sessions other than SQL based – but he likes to sit through my session be it any topic. I was really blushing and felt flattered. Thank you sir Smile.


The room was literally full. I was little nervous at the start as firstly I was late and secondly haven’t seen such a crowd in any other events that I have spoken so far. So had the pressure of will I be able to deliver to the expectations. SQL Saturday had certainly created a standard with just its name.

I started off my session on “SQL Server Data Tools – Codenamed JUNEAU”. In this session I focused more on the new data tool that will be released as part of Denali or SQL Server 2012 or with Visual Studio vNext. This is very similar to Data Dude that is found in VS.NET Database Edition SKU or VS.NET Ultimate edition. Did a demo of Connected Database Development with Juneau, Offline Database Development with Juneau and Drift detection using Juneau. Showcased some of the features like – Table designer which is but declarative and GUI based now, New SQL Server Explorer, Creating Database project, debugging procedures etc..

Here is my slide deck:

Session 2:

Session 2 was taken by none other than Rick A. Morelan. He is the acclaimed author of the famous series on SQL Server called Joes2Pros. He was taking a session titled “Avoid Errors on Erros in SQL Server”. Was mesmerized by his presentation skill. Believe me when I say this – 3 slides including “About Me” and “Thank You” – yes – 3 slides only. Rest of the talk was pure demo. He was telling us about scope abortion, batch termination and different error levels and what they mean.


He had one more session, the last one of the day where he talked  about Indexing. I had to leave early and couldn’t be part of his second session. But I got his 15 minutes and recorded my next episode of Uncut & Unedited. So stay tuned for the next episode to go live.


Lunch was served at 12:30 PM and was a decent lunch with not too much or too less of a menu. Vinod Kumar made a special announcement or request to all the attendees saying “Lets all remember that we are homo-sapiens and lets take the lunch the way it should be had”. His intention was to tell the audience not to flock at one shot rather take turn by turn. And to some extent it did work. We all got to meet the audience for a breakout talks. Was very interesting answering all the curious questions.


Session 3:

One of most awaited session of the day – Pinal Dave  – presenting a session on “SQL Server Performance Tips & Tricks”. I have sat through his session before but felt this SQL Saturday session was by far the most laughing riot I had seen. What made it interesting and fun was the audience itself. The questions Pinal used to ask and the response from the audience made it more fun to watch. There was answers like “If you are selecting 30% of the rows in your select query, you will need Indexing” made us laugh it out like anything. I always say this – if there can be any drama and  emotion in any technical talk it got to be Pinal Dave’s talk.


Session 4:

Another most awaited session of the day – Vinod Kumar – Technology Architect – Microsoft Technology Center India, presented a session on “Security with SQL Server”. One of  the most informative security sessions I have attended on SQL Server. Although most of thing went over my head (Smile) because its security stuff and that too on SQL Server. I am no DBA so couldn’t make much out of it. But the mode in which he delivered the talk especially 2nd slot after lunch – is a big thing in itself. Its always a pleasure to be in his session.



Well that was my SQLexperience from SQL Saturday 116. I applaud the efforts of Vinod Kumar & Pinal Dave to make this event a reality in Bangalore. I kept saying to my peers that I am speaking in an International Event Smile. And truly it was no less than an international event. Every details planned to the dot right from registration to session to lunch to tea break. Also not forget volunteers who have helped Vinod & Pinal in getting things read for the event. Not to forget the sponsors – Telerik, PluralSight and Joes2Pros.

Would love to see more of these SQL Saturdays. If you were there in the event then it would be nice to hear your experience. Do let us know your blog post link or article link. Here is a link to one such experience from my good fiend Manas:

Overall – all I can say is – SQL Saturday, opening slot, a room full of audience – couldn’t have asked for more to start my speaking engagement of the year 2012. Thanks Pinal & Vinod for this.

Till next time as usual – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.