About Kolkata Geeks:

Kolkata Geeks is one of the newly formed Microsoft Technology User Group in Kolkata. Here is the official note from the founders on Kolkata Geeks:

Kolkata Geeks is a premier user group for people from Kolkata and the neighbouring cities whose main focus is .NET technologies and who would like to know more about it. The group exists to educate people with latest technolgy updates using both Online and Offline events.


Kolkata Geeks Team:

Here is the team behind the Kolkata Geeks:

Know more about Kolkata Geeks here : www.kolkatageeks.com

About Webcast:

Kolkata Geeks has taken an initiative to spread the knowledge through webcasts every Saturday or Sunday. On Dec 3 I have been invited to present on my favorite topic OData. I will be presenting for 1 hour on Dec 3 and the title is "Open Data For Open Web". I will be covering the basics of OData like

  • What is Open Data Protocol
  • Why Open Data
  • How to consume Open Data
  • Who is going Open Data


This is a cool initiative from Kolkata geeks – sitting at your comfort you can get to learn many new technology from the leading professionals in the industry. Hope you will be there to watch me live.

How to view Webcast:

Here is the information on how to join the webcast:


If you are interested in receiving automated emails regarding the weekly webcasts from Kolkata Geeks – just register at http://kolkatageeks.com/register.aspx and you will start receiving regular updates.

I am excited to be presenting for Kolkata Geeks and happy to say I am the second presenter for their weekly webcasts program.

As usual – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.

  • Man… You missed my name… 
    I am Abhishek Sur… .. :)

    • oops….sorry man …..somehow i always get your name as Abhijit :) Corrected the post :)