I am back with one more episode of Uncut & Unedited. In this 13th  episode I have my guest as Mr. Abhishek Kant.


Abhishek Kant is the Community Program Manager and South Asia MVP Lead. I had the privilege of knowing Abhishek Kant in person during the TechEd 2011. He was responsible for all the round table and executive briefing that was held exclusively for the MVP and Community people. I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Abhishek Kant then. After becoming MVP I again had the opportunity to meet him in person on Nov 2 for a Bloggers Exclusive briefing on Windows Phone 7 at Microsoft office in Bangalore. Requested him to give me his 10 minutes and he obliged in spite of having a busy schedule.  

In this interview I discuss with Abhishek the following things:

– His Roles & Responsibilities within Microsoft

– As a South Asia MVP Lead what does his roles & responsibility include.

– Demystifying the myths of MVP Award program

– His opinion on Bangalore Dot Net User Group

– Alternate career that Abhishek would have followed if he was not doing his current job

Here is the interview video:

Abhishek Kant – Community Program Manager – Microsoft India

Hope you like this episode. Do drop your comments or feedback if any.

Till next time, Code with Passion. Decode with Patience.