On Nov 2, Bangalore was the host for one of the premiere events in the Mobile world for developers. The event  was known as MObile Developer Summit 2011 or MODS 2011 and was held at Indian Institute of Science campus.

Being a Mobile summit, Microsoft  too was present at the event to showcase the Windows Phone 7 development platform. And Microsoft did have an announcement for developers and students. So this post is all about the new program from Microsoft for developers.


I Unlock Joy:

"I Unlock Joy" is a new program announced by Microsoft at the Mobile Developer Summit which is a developer program for Windows Mobile in India. This is a unique Application Development and Submission program. This program enables Technology professionals and Students an opportunity to develop applications for the Windows Mobile platform i.e. Windows Phone 7 and showcase creativity. Here is the website to know more: www.iunlockjoy.com


As said earlier this program is open is for Technology Professional i.e. developers like you and me and also to Students. Lets go over the program in detail.

I Unlock Joy – Student Category:

This category is exclusively for Students – doesn’t matter what you are studying but as long as you are studying something and you can build apps on Windows Phone 7 platform – this is for you. Microsoft has a catch line for this category and that is "Be the first few to have the new Windows Phone".


How to Unlock Joy:

Just register for the "I Unlock Joy" campaign before November 18. You have time till March 30 2012 to build and submit apps to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

What You Get:

For 1 App: You get Merit Certificate, Windows Phone T-Shirt & 2GB USB Flash Drive

For 4 App: You get a cool new Windows Phone.


Check out this link for more details on the rules and regulations: http://www.microsoft.com/india/student/windowsphone/

 I Unlock Joy – Developer Category:

This category is for Technology Professionals i.e. Software Developer, Project Manager or  Software Architect – Working & Residing in India. If you  are a technology professional, you can build apps and submit to enter this category. That’s all its there to this.


How to Unlock Joy:

You will need to Register on App Hub. Build Apps and Submit to Marketplace by 31 March 2012. There are variants for this category:

  • “SUBMIT & WIN” CATEGORY: A registered participant submits THREE qualified Windows Phone Application in the Marketplace and gets a chance to win a Windows Phone. In this category, the Applications must be distinct and of non-trivial utility value for the Application User. A “Spam” or close replicas of existing Windows Phone Applications are disqualified.

  • “PORT 2 APPS & WIN” CATEGORY: A registered participant submitting TWO qualified Windows Phone Applications in the Marketplace which are ported from existing Android or iPhone Applications get to win a Windows Phone.

What You Get:

Brand new Windows Phone to all developers submitting either 3 new apps or 2 ported apps.


You can go through the following link for more details regarding rules & regulations: http://www.microsoft.com/india/developer/windowsphone/

I Unlock Joy – Women’s Special:

A first of its kind in the developer space. The first 100 registered Woman Developers who submit ONE (1) qualified Windows Phone Application each in the Marketplace qualify to win a Windows Phone each. The applications can be based on Entertainment, Fashion, Leisure, Sports, Recreation or Travel themes. So if you a lady/women and you are a developer – what are you waiting for – 1 App and you will get a Windows Phone. Unlock your Joy :).


Here are some of the useful resources for you to get started:

Software Development Kit

Absolute Beginner

Jump Start

Design Day

Hands On Labs

Windows Phone App Hub

Development Quick Start

Training Kit

Developer Registration Walkthrough


Windows Phone 7 is the new kid on the blocks when it comes to Indian Mobile World. This is a fantastic opportunity to both Microsoft and Developer/Student. Microsoft will be benefitted with the apps that will be developed as part of this program. Developer/Student community will get to play with the latest and greatest mobile software and a chance to win brand new device. Don’t know about you but I am very much into this contest and planning to build apps in next couple of months to go. Hope you too are building apps and unlocking the joy :)

Till next time, as  usual – Code with Passion, Decode with Patience.