Recently somebody in my friend circle asked me how do I keep up with the latest and greatest technology updates. My answer was free stuff from many greats in the industry. They were surprised when I said free stuff. So I thought let me take a example and explain it here. So in this article I examine one such resource from one of the leading company in the industry


In order to be up to date with the latest tech updates for myself, I do many things like going through many industry leaders blog posts and subscribe to feeds & read them through Google reader. Apart from that, lately I don’t miss 2 companies free community stuff. One is Pluralsight – which offers a free webinar on the latest technologies every Thursday. And another is Telerik which has free webinars on variety of topics ranging from Developer Tools, Agile Project Management, Testing Tools and Web Content Management. Today we will see one such webinar series that Telerik has made it live as a Video On Demand. This webinar is all about "Building E-Commerce ASP.NET AJAX Application in just 3 hours"



If you ever wanted to know how to build E-Commerce ASP.NET AJAX Application, Telerik has 3 part Webinar series which does exactly that. The 3 part series roughly comes around to 3 hours of content. So within 3 hours you will benefit with the knowledge of building an E-commerce application from the industry leader.

The 3 Part webinar series can be found at the following URL:


Here is the official statement from Telerik on this webinar series:

Watch the “Building Modern ASP.NET AJAX Applications” webinar series and see an entire e-commerce application being built in front of your eyes – starting with setup, then covering topics like jQuery, OData, HTML5 and the Metro UI theme, going all the way to performance optimization and deploying the application to the cloud.

What’s more, the source code to the sample application built as part of the webinar is made available to the general public, free for download. If you are excited by now, head over to the webinar page and download the source code and start playing with it.

About the Webinars:

Lets see some details on the webinars:

1. Building a Web Application with Third Party Controls

This  first webinar takes us through the first steps in creating a web application using the Telerik RAD Controls for ASP.NET AJAX. This session will walk us through by opening a new instance of Visual Studio 2010 to a functioning application. This sets the context for next 2 sessions.

2. Moving to the client – Using JQuery & Odata

This second webinar builds from the first one. In this one a live OData feed is used to populate the application built in first webinar. This showcases the use of OData on the Server side and utilizes JQuery to work with OData on the client side. This is my favorite because it has OData involved as an example. It uses Ebay’s OData feed and builds on the Deals entity set.

3. Advanced Techniques – Performance, Theming, Cloud Deployment

This third and last webinar focuses on some of the performance optimization in the application, introduces some of the HTML5 features and wraps it up with Cloud deployment.

Note that, all the three webinars have a Transcript available for the Q&A that happened as part of the live webinar. That’s neat I would say. You will come to know what questions were asked by the audience and may be some of them were the exact questions you had. Neat :).


I personally went through all 3 webinars and I really like the concept they have used. They start with a local database and then move on to a live OData feed, then hook the OData feed into the application, JQuery to work with OData feed on the client side and wrap up with the Cloud deployment. Even if you leave out the use of Telerik control, the series provides a great insight into application development for any novice. I highly recommend you to have a look at this webinar and learn something new.


On a separate note, my friends at Telerik decided to offer a prize to one of you, my readers: a FREE developer license for RAD Controls for ASP.NET AJAX (worth $799)! To participate in the draw for this prize, you need to help us spread the news about this learning resource by simply:

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Till next time, Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Here is the winner of the Retweet and Win Telerik Licence competition. Amar Nithyananda (@_amarnit:twitter ). Congratulation Amar – you win yourself RAD Controls for ASP.NET Ajax worth $799. I will be contacting you over email. Congrats again for visiting my blog and retweeting the article.