On Saturday Nov 5, 2011 one of the local Engineering college – Bangalore Institute of Technology or BIT in short with their Department of  Information Science & Engineering department is conducting a half day event on "Microsoft Developer Platform" in association with Bangalore DotNet User Group.

I will be presenting my session on "HTML5 & CSS3" along with my good friends and BDotNet peers Vic Parmar who is presenting on Windows 8 and Amar Nithyananda who is presenting on Windows Phone 7. Going to be a super fun as I have always felt that its difficult to deliver a technical session to a room full of Students. Also to present the thoughts at their thought level. Waiting for the event eagerly. This will be my 3 presentation for college students. First one was when I gave a presentation on WebMatrix for Dreamspark program and second one was with Marlabs in Mysore.

Here is a flyer created by Amar.


Interesting to note here is that Amar has done this with Metro Design Guideline. Notice the back arrow on left top hand corner and the use of big bold letters to emphasize things. I love it.

If you are student and you study at BIT don’t miss this event. We will be talking about one cool Microsoft Promotion exclusively for Students and related to Windows Phone 7. You may be able to win yourselves a cool Windows Phone 7. So be there :)

Till next time: Code with passion, Decode with patience

  • Aditya Rao

    I loved the contracts concept…thank you for the seminar sir :)