Hello there. I am back with one more episode of Uncut & Unedited. This is episode number 12 and I am more excited about this episode than any other episodes so far.

I have with me as guests – yes guests – have 2 guests this time as opposed to 1 guest so far. I have with me Mr. Vinod Kumar – Technology Architect at Microsoft Technology Center & Mr. Pinal Dave – SQL Server Evangelist, Microsoft India Bangalore.


About a week back, I was called by none other than Vinod and asked me if I could meet him and he had something’s to discuss. He didn’t say what it was. And I met Pinal Dave and he too said lets catch up have something’s to discuss. I was scratching my head as to what can it be – I was thinking some Denali things they both want to discuss with me. But when I met them there was a surprise news that was to shared with me. And the surprise is, take a look at the below posts:

Vinod Kumar Blog Post : http://blogs.extremeexperts.com/2011/11/03/sql-server-interview-book/

Pinal Dave Blog Post : http://blog.sqlauthority.com/2011/11/03/sqlauthority-news-new-book-released-sql-server-interview-questions-and-answers/

I had a nice time interviewing these two. Both are good orators from my perspective. Things we discussed were:

  • The surprise news – a new book coauthored by Vinod Kumar & Pinal Dave
  • First time author – Vinod Kumar – How does he feel about this ?
  • What was the motivation behind writing the book ?
  • How is the book different from similar PDF available on SqlAuthority.com ?
  • How is the experience from writing blog posts to writing a book ?
  • Where is the book available for purchase ?

Here is the video:

Vinod Kumar & Pinal Dave – Uncut & Unedited

I must extend my sincere thanks to Vinod Kumar & Pinal Dave for choosing my show to break their news and giving me an exclusive interview on my show. November 3 happens to be Vinod Kumar birthday and what a day to break the news. Here’s wishing Vinod a very Happy Birthday and wishing him loads of best wishes for his new venture i.e. book writing.

Folks watch video, enjoy and go purchase a book. Well you ask what about me – a personally signed copy by Vinod & Pinal is waiting for me :).

Till next time, as usual – Code with passion, Decode with patience.