Have you ever wondered about the following questions:

  • What areas of interest does Microsoft invest in for Research ?
  • Who are the people at Microsoft Research ?
  • What publications do Microsoft Researchers publish ?
  • How do Microsoft Researchers Collaborate ?
  • What projects are currently going on in Microsoft Research ?
  • Where can you find latest software from the Microsoft Research Labs ?
    Microsoft Research

    Microsoft Research

    Well I don’t know about you but I certainly wonder on all of the above questions. Here is the official statement on what Microsoft Research is all about:

Since Microsoft Corporation established it in 1991, Microsoft Research has become one of the largest, fastest-growing, most respected software research organizations in the world. Its distinguished researchers and scientists help shape the computing experience of millions of people worldwide, with innovations that enhance virtually every product Microsoft now releases. These innovations have fueled scores of incremental advances and giant technological leaps.

So how can you all more about Microsoft Research and more over get access to answers for all the questions asked above. Simple, through the phenomenon of Open Data For Open Web a.k.a OData.

Microsoft has released what they call it as “RMC OData”. Yes the Research at Microsoft.com is now made available as OData. Here is the URL for the same: http://odata.research.microsoft.com/

What is RMC OData – you may ask. Here is the official description of this service:

RMC OData is a queryable version of research.microsoft.com (RMC) data, produced in the OData protocol (see odata.org for more information about the OData protocol). RMC data provides metadata about assets currently published on research.microsoft.com, such as publications, projects, and downloads.

So what data is available for consumption as part of the RMC Data, here it is:

  • Downloads – Applications and tools which can be installed on your own machine or data sets which you can use in your own experiments. Downloads are created by groups from all Microsoft Research labs.
  • Events – Events occurring in different locations around the world hosted by or in collaboration with Microsoft Research, with different themes and subject focus.
  • Groups – Groups from all Microsoft Research labs; groups usually contains a mix of researchers and engineering staff.
  • Labs – Microsoft Research locations around the world.
  • Projects – Projects from all Microsoft Research labs.
  • Publications – Publications authored by or in collaboration with researchers from all Microsoft Research labs.
  • Series – Collections of videos created by Microsoft Research, grouped by event or subject focus.
  • Speakers – Speakers for Microsoft Research videos; in many cases speakers are not Microsoft Research staff.
  • Users – Microsoft Research staff; predominantly researchers but also includes staff from other teams and disciplines within Microsoft Research.
  • Videos – Videos created by Microsoft Research; subjects include research lectures and marketing/promotional segments, some with guest lecturers and visiting speakers.

So do check out the data sets and play around if you want to. I will surely be mashing up something soon. If you have any feedback to give regarding RMC OData – here is the email to use : rmcodata-feedback@microsoft.com.

This is a great move by Microsoft according to me. So try it out.

Till next time, as usual Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.