I presented a session called “Consuming Open Data with DataJS” aspart of the jsFoo conference – Indias First JavaScript conference – held at Bangalore on Oct 1. You can read more about the conference in my previous posts.

As part of the formalities for the event, we as speakers had to upload give our slide decks to the organizing team so that they can digitize them with the video. After sending the organizers the slide deck, i had decided to upload it to SlideShare.net so that i can embed that into my blog posts. I did upload that to SlideShare on the same day. On Tuesday, i was surprised to find a email from SlideShare.net team informaing me that my slide deck has been selected as the featured slide deck and will be show cased in their featured section. It will be there for 24 hours. Here is the nice email from SlideShare:

Featured Slide Deck Email from Slideshare

Featured Slide Deck Email from Slideshare

Here is the featured section on the SlideShare.net:

SlideShare  Featured Section

SlideShare Featured Section

Feels great when your efforts pay off. Thanks to DataJS team which influenced my talk at jsFoo.

Thats it for this post. Till next time, as usual, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.