Bangalore DotNet a.k.a BDotNet User Group conducted a UG meet on Sunday, Oct 2. As usual this time 2 2 hour slot, 2 speakers and 2 interesting sessions.

Being a Sunday I was very skeptical about the number of people who will attend the meet. When we reached the venue it was surprising to see many people lining up to sign in at Microsoft campus. Frankly I hadn’t expected that much a crowd. One of those rare times when the hall was completely filled :).

We had an International speaker this time in our UG meet. Chaner Dhall who is a fellow Telerik Insider, a MVP and also an INETA speaker was touring India and he agreed to present his session on SOLID principles for our community. The previous day i.e. Oct 1 he had presented the same session at DevCon at Hyderabad for Hyderabad Microsoft Community. The session went really well and the audience did get a thought provoking session on SOLID principles. To know more on Chander check out this link:

Chander session was followed by my session titled “Consuming Open Data with DataJS”. This session was to introduce the open source JavaScript library from Microsoft which helps accessing Open Data from javascript a very easy thing to do. Unfortunately nobody clicked my photograph so cant post any from my session.

Lot of first times to this UG meet. we had some regulars also who don’t miss any UG meets we conduct. One of the audience even did say that he eagerly waits when he would receive an email from BDotNet about next event. Now that’s really an motivating factor for the core team at BDotNet.

We have some cool things lined up for next UG meet. I would say don’t miss out the next one. Something really interesting is gonna be shown so keep watching for BDotNet alerts :).

Till next, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Amar N

    “Something really interesting is gonna be shown”… I wonder what it would be 😉

    • Lets keep guessing 😉