Bangalore is hosting what may be termed as India’s first JavaScript Conference called – jsFoo – on Oct 1. Here is the official meaning of what jsFoo is all about:


jsFoo is a one day conference on building full size apps in JavaScript. Come over for a full day with the smartest geeks from across India who have figured it out and will show you how. We have sessions covering the range from pure JavaScript apps in Node.js to real-time streaming of data to building entirely in the client side with Backbone.js.

This is an event for serious JavaScript programmers who want to learn from their peers.

The session scheduling was a unique experience for me. The organizing committee had left the session proposal open to public. You could just go in and propose a session. Others get to vote for the topic. Final schedule is made by picking the session which get a cut off votes. I am glad to say that my session titled “Consuming OData with DataJS” has been selected and I will be presenting this session.

One more unique experience for me was – the organizers asking for a speaker intro video to be made where I had to talk about – About Myself and fun facts about me, What do I do and something about the session. It had to be a 3 minute video. So I did make and here is the video:

Consuming OData with DataJS – jsFoo – Speaker intro video

Check out the beautiful site the jsFoo organizers have put up here :

So if you are gonna be around, do bump into me and lets catch up.

As usual, till next time – Happy Coding. Code with Passion, Decode with patience.