image Here is one more episode of Uncut & Unedited. This is episode number 11 and I have an interesting guest for this episode. My guest for this episode is none other than the SQL Authority himself. Yes I have Pinal Dave back again for one more episode. If you have been following my show you will remember that he was one of my early guest on this show and boy o boy he has a large fan base. So far his first video has crossed 1305 views on my channel. That’s really a wonderful news to hear – so many people are willing to listen to this great personality.

Couple of months back I came to know that Pinal is writing a book. Technically he co authored a book out of 5 part series. It was very interesting news for me, as we have seen Pinal as a tech blogger. But now he has a book to credit to his repertoire. So was eager to get him again on the show and talk to him about his experience as a book writer. The book is titled "SQL Joes 2 Pros". It’s a 5 part series book and he has co authored the 4 part.

In this episode we discuss on the following things:

– About his new book

– His experience as a author

– Why the name SQL Joes 2 Pros

– Where can we purchase his books

– Challenges when writing this book

Here is the video link:


Pinal Dave – SQL Server Evangelist – MS India

Be sure to hear the closing note by Pinal. Just loved the way he finished his talk.

  • Pinal Dave

    Excellent Thanks Lohith for wonderful interview – you are indeed magician!