Here’s another episode of my Uncut & Unedited show. This time I am back with a very special guest of mine, special for me because this person has influenced and motivated me a lot when it comes to Community activities and presenting session in community.

Ladies & Gents I present to you Mr. Vinod Kumar. Vinod has been known as a SQL Server Evangelist more widely. Currently he is working in Microsoft Technology Center, Bangalore, India as a Technology Specialist. He is very well known tech celebrity in Bangalore as well. He is a very community oriented guy and is part of the India’s biggest .NET User Group – Bangalore DotNet User Group popularly known as BDotNet. He is one of the few members who attended the first ever UG meet hosted by BDotNet.

When you go through the video you will learn guru mantras on Evangelism and tips on evangelism from a pro like him. I was excited to interview him at Microsoft India Bangalore Office. Here is the list of things we discussed as part of this wonderful interview:

– His roles and responsibilities at Microsoft India
– From Evangelist to Technology Specialist, how does he see the change
– Gurumanthra for evangelism
– His associations with the User Groups
– What is the secret behind his smiling face?

Here is the video link :


Vinod Kumar – Technology Specialist – Microsoft India – Uncut & Unedited

This is my 10th episode of the show and what special way to reach a double figure by having my influencer and motivator on the show. I thank Vinod for having given his time from his very busy schedule. We had talked about doing this long time before but the time had never come for this and happy that this happened on my 10 episode. Thanks Vinod.

So pump up the volume, listen and enjoy.

Till next time, as usual, Happy Coding, Code with Passion, Decode with Patience

  • Pinal Dave

    Super Like!

  • Pinal Dave

    Vinod has been inspiration for many – which includes me.

    His session has changed life of many and we are all fortunate that after so many years he is still giving us his best.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you sir! And a wonderful series – uncut and unedited! Thanks 

  • Vinod Kumar M

    Great work Lohit. Community loves the energy and passion you share. Keep the great work going.

  • Ayyappan

    This show is wonderful.
    Vinod is an amazing person. He is good in technology as well as relationship.