TechEd on the Road was a series of technical road show that was organised by the respective User Group communities and Microsoft. This event was focussed towards bringing the same set of speakers and sessions from the premiere event TechEd that was recently held in Bangalore.

The TechEd on the Road Bangalore edition was arranged with BDotNet i.e. Bangalore Dot Net User Group and Microsoft. We had the Telerik sponsoring us this time. It was really a great event because the last road show of the event was held in our own city Bangalore on July 10 @ JSS Auditorium, Jayanagar, Bangalore.

Just give a glimpse of the things that were lined up for the day – the day long event was divided into 2 tracks namely Developer and IT Pro track. So we had 2 tracks meaning 2 sessions at any point of time. In total we had 12 sessions conducted over the course of the day. We had 12 speakers exceptional speakers who graced us with their presence in spite of it being a Sunday.

The registration booth started seeing activity soon. We had people coming in with their registration printouts.

The day was started with 2 session. One was by Meena K on Windows App Server Fabric in the main auditorium. Just look at the podium. This is one of the best stages you can get in Bangalore. Another session was handled by Manoj Kumar Sharma on ASP.NET Razor view. Both halls were almost filled in spite of being the opening acts and that too on a Sunday.


Meena was followed by Niraj Bhat. He had a cool project being showcased as part of the session. He showed how to build applications for Facebook. He used ASP.NET technology, for building the web app, hosted it in the cloud and ran it within Facebook. All in one hour. He will be open sourcing that project on codeplex pretty soon. So stay tuned for that.

Manoj was followed by Pooran Prasad who took a session on Silverlight and MVVM. He showed the usage of MVVM project from a Silverlight project perspective.


After four sessions and having spent 2 hours listening to technology we had the first break of the day – for tea of course.

After the tea break we had Chaitra Nagaraj, ASP.NET MVP and one of the oldest BDotNet member, delivering a session on ASP.NET MVC. She tried to cover the whole of ASP.NET MVC3 within one hour. In hall number 2 we had Saranya Sriram, Cloud evangelist from Microsoft India deliver a session on building Social Portal within 1 hour by making use of Azure features. It was Saranya first session for BDotNet and we hope to see some more of her session in BDotNet.


Half day finished. And we already had seen 6 topics, 6 sessions, 6 exceptional speakers. It was not time for lunch. Can you believe when i say not only do you get free techno knowledge but food too. Yes all the participants were treated some good food free of cost. This would not have been possible if not for our sponsor like Microsoft and Telerik.

Post lunch, I took a session on Telerik – more of a awareness session on what telerik is all about, what they do and where they are situated. Here is some pics of our sponsor things:


Here are some of the telerik volunteers:


Post lunch was the most awaited session of the day. The SQL rockstar as he is known popularly, Pinal Dave SQL Server evangelist from Microsoft was up next on stage. He spoke about Worst Practices in T-SQL – yes worst practices in T-SQL. Those who have attended his session will know that on stage we are sure to have comdey, drama and emotion at its highest. And yes Pinal did not disappoint anybody, he just floored the whole audience with his wits.

Pinal was then followed by Harish Vaidyanathan, Developer & Platform Evangelism (DPE) lead, who delivered a session on “HTML5 and IE9”. Personally for me this was another session i was eagerly looking forward to. I had missed his same presentation as part of the TechEd. I was amazed with the ease with which Harish delivered his 1 hour of talk. The words just flowed smoothly and never ever did i get a feeling like he had rehearsed it. One of the few people i know of in my circle who can be treated as a authority in HTML5. Was an excellent session and a starter for people who wanted to know about HTML5.


Last but not the least we had Wriju Ghosh from Microsoft India wrapping up the day with a session on “Entity Framework 4.1 – Code First Development”. This is one of the coolest feature of the latest EF that is out and audience got a primer into this feature.


Here is some pictures of the lovely audience we had for the event:


It was a eventful day for me atleast. I enjoyed almost all the sessions that i sat through. Events like these not only gives me a chance to keep myself up to date with the latest and greatest in the technology arena but also an occasion to network with the like minded people and meet some of the evangelist like Vinod Kumar, Ramaprasanna etc. etc. I had a gala of a time in this event.

Special shout out goes to Kashinath T R and Vic Parmar, BDotNet UG leads who have gone all the way to make this happen. Infact Vic is currently in Canada but all his focus was on this event and can be seen on BDotNet Facebook wall posts.

Looking forward to many more such events from BDotNet and Microsoft. If you enjoyed this event too please spread the work about BDotNet, show your appreciation on the BDotNet Facebook wall posts and keep attending future events.

Some of the photo sets are available here of the event:



As usual, till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.