It gives me immense pleasure to invite you all to one of the premiere events that Microsoft and Bangalore Dot Net User Group are hosting on July 10 2011 in Bangalore. If you remember Microsoft premiere event “TechEd” was held in the month of March in Bangalore itself. But the TechEd is a paid event and not every developer will have the money power to attend that. So we have for you, the community “TechEd On The Road” – yes we are trying to get the same sessions and same speakers as much as possible to deliver to our own community.


Here is the complete details of the event:

Venue Details:




Some exciting speakers to watch our for in the developer track:

  • As usual Meena K will be at her best – talking on Azure this time.
  • We have Manoj Kumar Sharma – to my surprise is not doing a session on Azure which is a champion in and taking up Razor (no not the blade) a new Web Page syntax on ASP.NET stack
  • We have Niraj Bhat – the authority on Azure as far as i know. Don’t miss session as he is gonna be showing some cool stuff to do with Facebook.
  • We have Pooran talking about his favourite topic Silverlight + MVVM. Sit through this to gain some intro to the subject
  • We have our very own ever smiling Chaitra Nagaraj presenting on her favourite area ASP.NET. She will be giving an intro to MVC3.
  • We have for the first time presenting for BDotNet event Saranya Sriram – developer evangelist from Microsoft who is into cloud computing. Watch her build a portal on the cloud within an hour.
  • The not to be missed session at any cost. You want to see drama, comedy, tragedy – whatever emotion you can think of – will all be present in this fun filled yet technical session from none other than our own SQL Rockstar – Pinal Dave. He is gonna be talking about TSQL Worst Practices – yes worst practices. Believe me this is a must watch session of the day
  • We have Harish Vaidyanathan – presenting at the BDotNet event for the first time. He is the Developer & Platform Evangelism head at Microsoft India. He will be taking the session on HTML5 – one of the authority on this subject. Do not miss this as this will be a very good starter session on HTML5.
  • Lastly we have Wriju Ghosh wrapping up developer track with a session on EF 4.1 Code First Development.

As you can see some of the finest and best speakers are lined up for the day. And also the varied technology topics is sure to get you on your toes.

So if you are around and attending the event, do say Hi to me. It will be easy to spot me in the event, just look out for the following tshirt which i have it custom made for the event:


So catch you guys on Sunday

As usual till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Venkat KL

    @kashyapas, Can we really call Windows Server AppFabric (Mrs. Meena’s Session) as AZURE? Is it not Windows AZURE AppFabric dedicated to AZURE? Pl. correct me if I am wrong :-)