Before i disclose the big news in my life today, i think i need to mention about an fantastic program that Telerik has for speakers and presenters like me. So lets know a little bit about “Telerik Insider’s” program.


What is Telerik Insider ?

The Telerik Insiders Program is an independent speakers program for the developer community. The group is made up of exceptional, passionate speakers interested in contributing to a bigger cause – educating the community in their free time


What do Telerik Insiders do ?

These elite speakers travel to user group meetings, code camps and other community driven events alike to deliver sessions on cutting edge technology. Sponsored by telerik, they are provided with new opportunities to speak on their preferred topics and assistance with travel and logistics.

What is the goal of this program ?

The goal of this program is to provide valuable content and expert sessions around the globe, with a focus on helping new groups in off-the-beaten path areas to stimulate local developer community growth.

You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions section on Telerik for more information.

So the big news is – on this day i have been selected to be part of Telerik Insiders program. Yes i am a Telerik Insider now. I join a elite group of 16 speakers and will be a new entrant to this program. Here is the Telerik Insider official page. Go through the lost of speakers who are part of this program. I am amidst some of the exceptional speakers in US. I may be the only person from India who has made it to this program.

I take this opportunity to thank Telerik for including me in this wonderful program and i am very much excited about this. It would not be fair on my part of i don’t thank couple of people who really made this fete possible today.

Firstly my wonderful wife Rashmi, who has put up with me, vanishing on most of the Saturdays to present in our user groups.

Thanks to Dr U. B. Pavanaja, who gave the push to start talking. I did my first presentation to MysoreGeekz which here runs. Thanks Doc.

Next, thanks to Kashinath and Vic, the UG leads of Bangalore Dot Net User Group. They have been a great support and thank them for the platform.

My sensei Vinod Kumar, who really has motivated me whenever i have seen him present.

Also many of my MVP friends like Vijay Raj, Anoop Madhusudhan, Dhananjay Kumar, Abhijjit Jana, Abhishek Sur, …….. there is a long list to go. Thanks to all of these guys for the motivation to keep it going.

One of my special friend Pinal Dave for always giving feedback on my presentations and writing – Thank you sir.

Last but not the least Stephen Forte and Joel Semenuick for having nominated me to this program, for identifying my potential as a speaker and believing in me that i fit the bill for this program. Thanks a lot guys. Also Emily Parker who runs this program from Telerik, has been exceptional in coordinating with me all through this thing – Thanks Emily.

So what will this program do to me. Well i love to speak and present and now with this program will give me wings to fly. Yes, one of the main benefit of this program as a speaker is that Insiders program will sponsor me in terms of travel and logistics so that i can reach out to more communities out there. So if there is any community member reading this and want me to come over and present a session, just drop me a mail (of course i need at least 3 weeks notice to prepare :) ). I will be present at your community event.

This has been by far one of the best things that has happened in my life and i am happy to share this with you all.


Till next time, Happy Coding. Code with passion, Decode with patience.

  • Congratulations Lohith :) Happy for you.

  • Naveen Pete

    Lohith, Congratulations! Wish you all the best!

  • Pinal Dave

    You are fantastic guy – Extremely happy for your deserving position! You rock – seriously!

  • Congrats dude. Very happy for you! Great recognition.

  • Chaitanya Venneti

    Congratulations Lohith. You deserve it.

  • Kunal Chowdhury

    Congrats man

  • Congrats

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